A Throw Back: DC Carnival 2007

Shot from the top of the parade route on Georgia Avenue NW, perhaps near Petworth. So┬ámany things have changed in the 5 years since I shot this it’s hard to recognize the spot. See anyone you know?

A masquerader from the Virgin Islands carnival troupe. So since the US Virgin Islands is a part of the US, technically Caribbean culture is United States culture too. Does that give us any traction for the mas? Hmm… just a thought, or maybe a thought experiement.


A king in one of the bands on Georgia Avenue for DC Carnival 2007. Preparations begin many months ahead, sometimes as early as July of the preceeding year. It must be a significant loss to mas men and women that their hard work and considerable expense these past months has been in vain.

A moko jumbie on Georgia Avenue, DC Carnival 2007. As high as the trees that line the parade route. I wonder what the ancestors think of all of this.


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