Took these photos from a beach on Egypt’s north coast (Sahel), called El Sahel El Shamaly in a section known as El Alamein. The Mediterranean Sea is gorgeous (and I’m saying that as someone who’s been to Caribbean beaches). The water is clear blue and the temperature many months of the year makes you want to stay in the water for hours on end. If you travel to Sahel make sure you’re further west of Alexandria, as the farther west you go the calmer it gets. Several of Egypt’s beaches are sure to be on¬†international “Best of” lists, and you can find options with coral reefs, ¬†sink holes, and simply pristine sand, sun and water to enjoy galore. In between all that beach going you can enjoy the food, which I’ll get to later.

If the active life, sun bathing or swimming isn’t your thing, I find that sitting back on a balcony watching the waves crash against the shore in cool comfortable breeze to be the next best thing. Egypt’s north coast is filled with modern resorts, but there are still many places where you’ll find older enclaves with lovely structures such as the one pictured above. It’s built in a Yemeni style I’m told and despite the summer heat the stone design, with large windows and balconies all around allows for cooler temperatures during the day and night.



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