Slow internet is the bane of my blogging existence. After 5 sad attempts to give you video I gave up. The next post was supposed to be entitled “Nostalgia” – the name of La-Brea Nightingale’s selection for this year. But here’s some nostalgia – Nightingales in the semi-final round of Panorama 2013, with arranger, Terrence BJ Marcelle leading the charge. On today are the first kiddies carnival events – Guaracara Park, Pointe-a-Pierre, and St. Anthony’s sports ground up north. Also, the crazy, big, booming Panorama semi-finals. Fifty one bands combined, small, medium and large have begun to play at the Queens Park Savanna to determine who will advance to the finals. Maybe my internet problems will be cured later in the week and I’ll post those lovely pieces.


Took time to check out the large band, NGC La-Brea Nightingales on Thursday night after their judging for the preliminary round of Panorama. First here are a few interviews: Nigel Joseph, Makeda Alexander – band PRO, and Alecquay Andrews a junior player. Then we’ll follow with some music.

[wpvideo xW8Fd76t]






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