My faith is full, and vast, and wide. Bigger than time itself, bigger than Africa.

I attended my friend’s feast this Sunday – a dance for the ancestors. This photo is of her spiritual leader, Nana Okomfohema Akua Amoabaa Botwe I – Chief Priestess and head of the Shrine House for the Akan Spiritual United Order. She is giving praise to the ancestors, and honoring the drummers in this particular shot. She was dancing (I always like to see that lady dance, in fact, I like to see them “worship” if that’s what you would call it. The theme was “Party and Pray” and when I arrived the drum session was live and vibrant and rich, and people were in the circle dancing. As far as worship is concerned, it’s so different to what I’ve always known. And I like that. I like that there are people who’s spirituality is different, that we can experience a different type of spirituality to what is generally considered mainstream. I like it because, as a person of African ancestory, it’s familiar – in a way that you’ve never known things in this life sometimes seem familiar. “Party and Pray” my friend’s annual dance for the ancestors, is more vibrant and festive than some of the ones we know (too) well.







Photo Info

Dimensions: 3348 x 2418

Original size: 1.72 MB

Image Type:  jpeg

Colour Space: sRGB

Date taken: September 26, 2010

Shooting Conditions

Camera make: Nikon

Camera model: D200

Focal Length: 48mm

Max Lens Apperture: f/2.8

Exposure: 1/80 at f2.8

Flash: Optional, TTL-BL

Exposure Bias: 0 step

Exposure Mode: Manual

Exposure program: Manual

ISO speed: ISO 400

Metering mode: pattern

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